Closing - Keep Learning and Keep Earning

ACTION PLAN: Start Investing With $25 or Less (5:30 mins)

In this lesson, I’m showing you how I got started with investing right now, or right out of college so you can know how easy it is to get started too.

Step 1: Download the Betterment App on your cell phone

You can also sign up online here

Step 2: Enter Your Email Address

Enter your email address and password to access the site.

Step 3: Share Your Contact Info

Your First and Last Name
Your Contact Details

Step 4: Select A ‘Build Wealth’ Account

In this step, you also need to answer a few questions about your financial situation.

Select your first goal of wealth building

Note: While Betterment (and any Robo-advisor) takes the burden off making financial decisions when you are just starting out, you still have to tell it about yourself so you can trust its making the best decision for you.

Step 5: Add Your Bank Account Details to Fund Your Account

Add the bank account that you’ll use to start building your wealth.

Step 6: Set Up Automatic Investing

Set a deposit schedule to one a week, or once a month and have your wealth building on autopilot while you …


Step 7: Celebrate!!

You’re Done!

*This lesson is not an endorsement of any brokerage or investing platform and it’s not expected to be.

I chose this for your first step because you don’t have to do anything aside from opening the account. You don’t need to learn anything, you don’t need pick anything, once you open and select you’re done and the Robo-advisor does all the work for you!