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Lesson #6.3 NOW Is The Best Time To Invest, Here’s Why (1:30 mins)

Your biggest asset when it comes to investing isn’t an insider tip or having lots of money.

It’s Time.

Time is the most powerful tool investing because it makes little things grown big and big ‘mistakes’ seem smaller as they fade away over time.

So, whoever has the most time has an advantage.

Here’s Why NOW is the Best Time To Start Investing

1. You have lots of time before you need the money (Higher Risk Tolerance)

Right now is the best time to invest because you won’t need the money for several decades.

That means, you are in a prime position to be able to ride through any market volatility.

Stock markets are down today? So what? You don’t need those dollars for the next 40 years

2. Longer Time for compound interest to work

No kidding, compound interest is like magic math that takes your dollar bills, lock them up in a room and allow them to make dollar babies like rabbits without you having to do anything extra.

3. Investing Now Allows For Mistakes and Life To Happen

In the above example, Jill invests 3 times as much as Jack only to get more than $50k less.

The example doesn’t show why Jack stopped investing at 35 – maybe he had kids, maybe he got injured, maybe he wanted to focus all his money on becoming an Olympic surfer – doesn’t matter.

He had to stop – for whatever reason – and his future was not derailed because he started early.

4. When You Start Investing Matters More Than How Much You Invest

Let’s say you want to retire with $1 million dollars cash

If you started saving at 20 years old, you would only need to save $95 per month to reach the goal of $1 million and you would only need to contribute a little more than $55k.

If you waited until you were 35, then you’d have to save around $440 per month t(nearly 4 times as much) to reach the same goal.

And it only gets worse from there as you continue to wait.

All those extra dollars that you have to save to catch up could be funds spent relaxing, enjoying life and living your dreams if you just made a small sacrifice today to get started.

That’s right. Investing your pizza and beer money now while in college can reaps hundreds of thousands more in the future.