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Re-presenting Money – Most of What We’ve Been Taught About Money Is Wrong (2:00 mins)

Research suggests that most of our money habits are set by age 7 – 9.1

And since you likely learned them from an adult around you, then that means by the time you reach 18, you’ve already been walking around with 30-plus-year-old money habits and advice.


Some of it might be retro, still relevant, or might even come back in style today, you know – like antique furniture, wide-leg jeans or ‘save some of what you earn’ advice.

Some might just need a little tweaking to bring it into the 21st century

But most of it might just be straight-up old junk that needs to die a quick death – advice like renting is throwing away money, you can ‘save’ your way to retirement, or that the government will take care of you

That’s just not true and definitely not helpful.

Couple that with no one teaching you the ‘right’ way to manage money, then you end up adults having a messed-up relationship with money

People walking around feeling …

  • Mad they don’t make enough
  • Guilty if that they ‘make too much’
  • Excited with they get more money
  • Sad when it’s all gone
  • Convinced that some people are ‘just good at money’
  • Thinking money will make them a better or a worse person
  • etc.

They see money as a chore, a necessary evil, you have to slog through – when in reality, money is more like a game that promises security and freedom when you win.

Money has:

  • Rules to win (you’ll learn some of those in the following modules)
  • Different levels with their own advantages that are unlocked, and new challenges to face
  • Strategies you can implement that can get you ahead faster
  • Pitfalls to avoid that can cause you headaches and lost money
  • Strokes of luck that some players get that others don’t (privileges and obstacles unique to us) that make things a little easier or harder

Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing frivolous about what we’re talking about here.

Money is important. We literally can’t survive without it.

But those that understand how to win with money have a lot more fun doing ‘money’ than people who don’t.

It’s fun and exciting to buy something on sale, get a deal on a car, an apartment, or a purchase.

It’s fun to get paid what you are worth (and some)

It’s fun to be able to meet your financial obligations and have some left over to secure for a rainy day.

So let’s start making money fun for you, by learning the rules of winning at money.

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