Closing - Keep Learning and Keep Earning

Lesson #3.3 Give Every Dollar A Job. Idle Money is Spent Money (01:00 mins)

You’ve heard that willpower is like a muscle right?

Well, just like a muscle, the more you use it the more tired it can become.

If you want to stick to your budget, then where ever possible take the decision out of your hands and stop having to think so hard or agonize over every purchase – ‘ is this going to make me overdraft?’ ‘can I afford to treat the kids to an outing this weekend?’ ‘Can I give an extra $5 to fun drive?’

  • By having a plan, you reduce the guesswork about what to do with your money and create a clear purpose of what to do when and next.
  • By having a plan you can stop worrying if your expenses are all being paid on time, if you’re putting away some savings and if you will even be able to afford some fun.

And you know what else?

When you have a plan, you reduce your stress because you already know that your expenses and wants are taken care of.