Closing - Keep Learning and Keep Earning

Lesson #2.4 Don’t Trust In The Money, Trust In Yourself (0:30 mins)

Alright, so you made it to the final lesson in this chapter!
We spent A TON of time talking about how the world can throw you lemons and ways you might be to protect yourself.
But I want you to understand one main point.
If you learn nothing else from this chapter, I’d want you to learn this.


Having emergency funds gives you some security and helps you protect yourself, but most importantly the ability to win with money in the face of unexpected events is you:

  • Your willingness to find a way out of a problem
  • Your attitude to get back up again
  • Your conviction that there is better for you out there
  • Your desire to keep finding people who can teach you more

is the best defense against the unexpected.

Bottom Line: You have to get comfortable with life happening and everything not going precisely to plan