Closing - Keep Learning and Keep Earning

INTRO (0:30 mins)

Before you get started playing any game you gotta determine the setup.

With Monopoly – everyone picks their piece and gets their money from the bank.
With Roblox – you pick an avatar and pick a game

Every game has a starting point because you gotta know where you are on the ‘board’, what level you’re starting at, and what you have to work with … right now.

It’s the same with your money.

So the first rule to win at money is keeping your eyes on your own paper.

That means to stop watching what other people are doing in your friend circle, on social media, and celebrities on the television, and instead focus on your own goals, financial situation and how you can use your finances to support your biggest and wildest dreams.


The purpose of this module is to help you get organized with your finances so you can have a handle on your money and get a clear view of everything happening with your money.

Skipping this step leads to a lack of clarity on your financial situation, financial frustration, and confusion that causes you stress and a whole lot of unnecessary headaches.

When you are done with this module, you’ll:

  • Have a 360-degree view of your money – how much is going in and coming out
  • Have clarity around your current financial situation
  • Know what areas you want to work on to improve your situation
  • Why you don’t need to follow the Jones, the Kardashians, or anyone in between