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Online money courses for college students
You know the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell. You know the formula for a triangle and the first few digits of pi.
But what about the real-life stuff? Where was ‘How to Do Your Taxes 101’ or ‘Paying off Student Debt 2100’ when you needed it?
The Win After College Platform finally teaches you all of the above.


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The Money School

Turn your wallet into wealth with evidence-based online money courses for college students. Understand the basics of budgeting, saving, credit, investing, paying off student debt, evaluating job offers, managing money after college & more.

Plus, get unlimited access to Bonus Courses like:

How to Do Your Taxes
Investing in Yourself
How to Sell Yourself & Be Recession Proof
Everything You Need to Know About 401ks
How to Rent Your First Apartment
How to Buy Your First Car
How to Manage Your Money When in a Relationship
And more!

Step-by-Step Resources

Take action after each lesson with in-depth resources, like e-books, worksheets, journal prompts, and more.

Fun Quizzes

Have questions? Find answers with quizzes you won’t be graded on, like:

How Am I Doing? – Discover your money strengths & weaknesses and what you need to do to grow.

Which One Should I Choose? – Pinpoint your perfect money strategy, like which debt payoff method will work best for you.

Understand Your Money Behavior – Uncover your money personality, career strengths, and more.

Reflective Surveys – Track your progress, celebrate your wins, and get results.

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Get simple, daily actions to build your money goals. And don’t forget to check your inbox for money motivation.

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Meet Jordanne, Money Coach & Creator of Win After College.

Certified Financial Educator, Transformational Finance Coach, with BA in Economics (with Hons), minor in Sociology

She’s been there. She’s gone from Point A -> Point B and is on a mission to help others do the same – starting at the stage in life where most people get into trouble … during and after college.

What Students Are Saying

Love It!

What I liked most about this webinar was how knowledgeable the presenter was about what she was talking about. Not only was she a great presenter but she also offered a lot of useful information. Loved it!

Clear & Made Sense

She was very interactive and presented the material in a very simple and clear way that made sense.

Nothing Was Overcomplicated

All the questions were answered in an understandable way and nothing was overcomplicated for the sake of appearances


Where Can I Connect with WinAfterCollege on Social?

You can connect with us on YouTube and Twitter @winpostgrad on both platforms

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Got questions? No problem! You can get help and support by contacting us via the support page.

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