Fastrack Lesson #1 Save More
Fastrack Lesson #2 Earn More
Fasttrack Lesson #3 Get Better Returns
Fasttrack Lesson #4 Change Your Life

Earn More

In the previous lesson, we talked about the easiest way to get started on speeding up your way to financial independence is by saving more.

But the fact is, no matter how efficient you are in lowering your bills, there’s only so far you can go.

Not so with earning. There is no limit to how much more you can earn, making earning more a faster way to the life you want.

Question 1: Who Do You Want To Be?

The main question to ask yourself when it comes to earning more is first deciding, who do you want to be?

Who you want to be, will help you determine what paths you want to take.

Who you want to be will help determine how you make your money.

If you want to be an Intrapreneur, then earning more means:

  • acquiring more skills
  • asking for a raise
  • getting promotions or bonuses
  • switching jobs for higher salaries
  • negotiating for raises and bonuses
  • consulting on the side or side hustle

If you want to be Support Staff then earning more will require you trying to:

  • get an additional job
  • work more hours if part-time
  • get overtime hours
  • switch to a job that pays more

If you want to be an Entrepreneur then you’ll want to look into:

  • starting a business (product or service) that adds value
  • buying a business that is already cash flowing
  • partnering with someone who has the money, experience or time that you don’t have
  • getting a mentor to help you grow a business

Who you want to be influences how you earn your money.

Question 2: What Are You Willing (or Like) To Do

This one matters because it’s easy to see the dollar signs from other folks and not be willing to do what’s necessary to achieve it.

For example, if the thought of evicting an old lady from your apartment in the middle of winter because she hasn’t paid rent in 5 months makes you want to want to throw up, then becoming a landlord is probably not the way you want to make your money.