2.1 What Tax Forms Do You Need To Complete?

  • 1040: This is the basic income-reporting form that nearly everyone uses. You might have to complete multiple add-ons called schedules. You should complete Schedule 1 if you made student loan payments. Complete Schedule 3 if you want to claim credits for education or child care expenses.
  • State tax return forms: States have their own rules for who must pay state taxes. State tax websites typically provide forms for residents, nonresidents, and part-year residents.

International Students

  • 1042-S:¬†This form is like the 1040 for international students. Your employer will give you this form to report the income you earned. If your college awarded you certain stipends or travel grants, it would mail you this form.
  • 8843:¬†International students with zero U.S. income must complete this form and send it to the IRS to report that they earned no income in the country.

But don’t go printing out the forms and grabbing a pen just yet.

Fortunately for you, there is a free way for you to file your taxes and we’ll talk about it in the next lesson.