How The U.S. Economy Works (Principles of Economics)
The Government's Role in Providing Goods & Services (Public Finance)
Inflation, Prices, and Interest Rates (Monetary & Fiscal Policy)
How Banks and Other Companies Make Money ... Off You! (
The Great Depression, Recession & Other Financial Crises (National Income & Business Cycles)

Why This Course

When we talk about money, we like to go straight to blaming people.

Our spending habits, financial choices, and un-curbed appetites are the end-all and be-all of the money.

And everything else is just happening around us and all we can do is simply believe what they tell us and react because it’s all too complicated for us little folks to understand.

Leaving us to believe politicians, news anchors, opinion writers, and more to tell us what we ‘should’ believe.


what if we could understand simple macroexonomic principles and terms for ourselves?

what if we would read the signs of higher interest rates, and rising inflation and ‘prepare’?